New Beginnings

Hello everyone! Long time no blog post. Today I am going to write about where I’m at after a rather hectic few months.


I feel like I have been travelling at a million miles an hour for the past nine months to get to where I am today. After returning from university last December, I was in a pretty bad way in terms of my health through a lack of self-care and major stress, and there was a time shortly after returning home that I felt very angry with myself for not making it work. This gap year has been a massive step for me in terms of life lessons, maturing and grasping that it is ok to hit pause and finding a good balance of work : life : sport, and others : self.

Here are some of my achievements from the past 9 months:

  1. Receiving an offer for a place studying Physiotherapy
  2. Applying to the Great British Bake Off, and got through to interviews
  3. Finally getting some answers on my very long term back problems
  4. Getting a major promotion at work
  5. Doing a ride leading qualification to take groups of people out cycling
  6. Getting my hair cut every 6-8 weeks
  7. Doing my own nails at least once a month
  8. Implementing a daily facial skin-care routine
  9. Reconnecting with my Mum
  10. Reading over 10 books that were just sitting on my shelf waiting to be read
  11. Going for coffee with my dad and I even enjoyed cake with it (more than once!)
  12. Joining a different gym with a close friend, and enjoying weight/core training to build strength alongside the cardio I already did
  13. Sorting out my clothes, selling and giving those I don’t wear to charity, and treating myself to new ones

Big or small, these are all achievements that matter to me, I am proud of myself for making self improvements, and developing my ability to enjoy the small things in life, without feeling like I am doing something that isn’t 1000% necessary or that the time or money could be spent more efficiently elsewhere.

Perhaps one of my biggest achievements has been throwing out my old GCSE and A-level work (in the recycling because it was A LOT of paper). This may be meaningless to most people, but the (now ridiculous) explanation I had given myself for keeping it all was as a trophy of my achievement for GCSE, and a reminder of my short-comings and underperformance at A level. It was putting massive limitations on my self worth and confidence, and by getting rid of it all I feel like a weight of self hatred has been lifted.

At the moment I am relaxing in Spain on holiday enjoying a break. I am one of those people who finds it hard to relax without feeling like there are important things I should be doing instead of ‘selfishly’ relaxing. Taking some time off work is very important to me before I start at university, because I don’t want to be stressed and run down when I get there, I’d rather be well rested, excited and ready to work really hard at a subject I have grown a great passion for.

I am still learning, and there are still more areas I would like to improve in, especially when I return to university which includes:

  1. Making and developing more friendships
  2. Get back into a structured running routine
  3. Being open minded, making spontaneous social plans
  4. Joining a club and some societies at uni and making sure I stick to the commitment
  5. Preparing healthy and nutritious meals, and taking the time to enjoy them
  6. Being the best physiotherapist that I can be
  7. Asking for help when I am struggling

This post has been a really useful reflection for me, I would recommend writing achievement and aspiration lists like this for everyone to boost positivity and your outlook. That’s all for this time, I won’t leave it as long until my next post!

Claudia 🙂

One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. MyExpeditionRocks says:

    Really nice post Claudia, and it is something I have used my blog for in a slightly different way. I imagine that my head of jobs, problems, ambitions, etc, are a ‘mountain’, and that mountain is made up of ‘rocks’. I can’t lift all the rocks at once to move this so-called mountain, I have to do it one at a time. I therefore started my blog to unload stories and adventures that I have had over the years. In doing so it did something I didn’t anticipate, it allowed me to think positively and reflect on my achievements that had slipped into the back of my mind. I see why people write books.
    Keep at the writing, and I am sure as you progress you will develop a stronger sense of self contentedness and wellbeing, and this will help you flourish in your study and career as Physiotherapist, not to mention all the other hobbies you have in life. 🙂

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