A week In Training

Thank you to @a.runners.diary of Instagram for requesting this blog post. I am currently at university, and I am enjoying training for distance running and cross country. Below is a rough insight into a week’s training.

Monday usually consists of a run and a circuits session. My run is about 45 minutes to an hour of steady running. Then circuits is usually 2 hours long, starting with 30 minutes of dynamic stretching, then we do a circuit or two of a large gym with 20-25 stations of exercises to work different muscles.
Tuesday I do a speed session on the track. We start by warming up fro 15-20 minutes of running nearby before doing 20 minutes of 100 metre drills, then into a main set of reps on the track. For example this week we did 600’s and 300’s with jog recoveries. Then cool down by a further 15-20 minutes of running nearby.
Wednesday I do another steady run of around 75 minutes, depending on what week it is and what races are coming up. All at an easy pace. I also do some strength and resistance exercises at home.
Thursday is a hills session. Warm up in 5-10 minutes jog at the track, then do hurdle drills which helps to strengthen my hips. We then jog down to the hill, and sprint up it, before turning round and jogging back to the bottom as active recovery. We repeat this 4 times times before having a walk recovery, and 3 more sets of 4 times up the hill. We then jog back to the track to cool down.
Friday is for resting, refuelling and strength exercises at home.
Saturday I sometimes have a race, if not its a trail run or grass session, practicing good running form and consistent splits, aiming to do 60 minutes.
Sunday as long as I don’t have a race, its long run day. I do 90-105 minutes of steady running.

I hope this post is interesting! Please get in touch with any other posts you’d like to see up on the blog soon.

Claudia 🙂


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