Race Review- Yorkshire Cross Country Champs 2017

So on 9th January I had my first race of 2017- The Yorkshire County Cross Country Championships. I’ll start by saying I wasn’t using this race as a selection to run for the county- having just had 4 draining months of injury and partial, very frustrating training I am just happy to have been back racing!

It was a Saturday morning, I woke at 8am, and walked the dogs before meeting a friend at 10.30am to lift share to the race. We arrived an hour later, collected race numbers and had a good warm up by jogging the course and doing some drills before the lining up on the start line at 12.45pm for a 12.50pm start. The course said it was 5.85km but my GPS watch said 6.11km… I’d like to think my watch was right!

I was running as an U20, and its fair to say the competition was fierce. The first 8 runners to finish would be selected to race for Yorkshire, and so when the gun went I wasn’t surprised by how fast we set off. The race comprised of one short lap and two long laps with an undulating route and one steep but short incline. My first kilometre was done in 3 minutes 50 which I was not prepared for. I spent the next kilometre playing catch up with my heart rate and legs. I felt surprisingly strong, and finished in a time of 29.58 which I am more than happy with.


My very clean looking new spikes (it wasn’t very muddy)

I am happy with how I ran, and I’m glad I set myself zero standards or expectations for this race. I was just enjoying the fact I was back racing and make the most of the experience. I am really glad to be back and I can’t wait for my next race, which is a 4.7 mile PECO cross country league race.

Well done to everyone that raced and thats all for now!

Claudia x


Valley Striders Senior Ladies Team (and me as the u20!)

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